Our Story - Pam Hardy & Bend Viniyoga


Pam has been curious about yoga since childhood when she witnessed the vitality and grace it provided her Aunt Marti who would travel to India to study.  She started practicing seriously in 2007, and found her root teacher, Chase Bossart, in 2009.  She specializes in viniyoga, the traditional form of yoga that emphasizes the one-on-one teacher-student relationship.  With a deep grounding in the primary sources of yoga philosophy such as the Yoga Sūtra, she teaches all eight limbs of yoga equally.  “I don’t teach anything new.  Yoga has been a reliable road map to positive transformation for millennia.  I just translate the ancient texts for a western audience.”

When not teaching and practicing yoga Pam is an attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center.  She advocates for environmental values on public lands in negotiations with the ranching and logging communities.

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