Book – Liberating Isolation by Frans Moors




This is a text book.  It’s an excellent accompaniment to a class on the Yoga Sūtra.  In it all the sūtra-s are presented in both the original Sanskrit and in the transliterated roman language equivalent.  It also has a word by word translation and a short discussion of each.

It is the best translation of the Yoga Sūtra that I know of.  It was written by a long-term student of Mr. TKV Deśikachar – who is the source of my translations of the Yoga Sūtra.  However, I will warn any student – it is almost impossible to get anything meaningful out of reading the Yoga Sūtra on your own.  You really need to take a class with a qualified teacher to have it all make sense.

Reading the Yoga Sūtra is like reading a text on music theory.  Without actual practice of music under the guidance of a qualified teacher, it won’t be very interesting reading.


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